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Помогите решить.Человек ехал в Москву в такси .по дороге ему навстречу двигались 7 грузовиков и 5 автомашин.Сколько всего машин шло в Москву

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В каком случае выражение преобразовано в тождественно равное?1) (x-2)у=х-2у2) (х+у)(у-х)=х во 2 степени-у во 2 степени3) (2-х)во 2 степени=4-4х+хво 2 степени4) (х+у)во 2 степени=х во 2 степени +у во 2 степени


Помогите поставить вопросы на Английском к этому тексту!) 10шт COMPUTERS: THE SOFTWARE AND THE HARDWARE Because of extraordinary technological development during the past decades, the term computer is becoming a household word. Computer applications have expanded to such breadth that the computer is now an integral part of virtually every type of business and industrial enterprises. The number of electronic computers used in any given field of human activity is sometimes believed to indicate the degree of its modernity. For example the more computers a scientific institute uses the more modem it is believed to be. It is not always bom in mind, however, that computers alone represent only what is called the hardware, i.e. the machinery together with its subtle technical and logical design. In order that the hardware may be used effectively, another essential factor is needed: the so-called software or applied thoughts. IN the preparation of computer programs, the working out of the logical aspects of material to be manipulated in a computer, takes-up as much, if not more, time as the actual production of the hard ware and is by no means easier. The software, as most intangible product, is not always capable ol being readily evaluated. This, however, does not change the fact that it is at least as decisive as the hardware in obtaining solutions to concrete scientific and technological problems. There are two basic types of electronic computers: digital and analogue. Each type has its uses in various fields. However, they have one thing in common: for their effective operation they require ingeniously thought-out software.

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от основных к амфотерным меняются свойства оксидов в ряду ? варианты 1)CaO-SiO2-SO3. 2)CO20Al2O3-mgO 3)so3-P2O5-Al2O3 4)Na2O-MgO-Al2O3


Перевести 7 6/9 в десятичную


Нарисуй квадрат и треугольник с общей стороной так, чтобы их пересечением был четырехугольник. ( понимаю что должна быть трапеция в пересечении не могу отобразить на картинке!!!)


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