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Составить программу рисования ромашки на паскале.

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Найдите грамматическую ошибку, отредактируйте предложения.1. Предварительное расследование предпологает об умышленном поджоге.2. Благодарность двухсот двадцати бывшим зекам, написавших ему.3. Согласно Указа №340 О государственной налоговой службе РФ (от 31.12.1991), Минестерство РФ по налогам и сборам призвано осуществить контроль за соблюдением налогового законодательства.4. Виновный уже задержан.5. Группа захвата на своей квартире обнаружила украденные на кануне преступником антикварные ценности.

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Choose the correct answer. 1.’What time does the train leave?’ ‘I think it ..A.. at 2 o’clock.’ A leaves B has been leaving C has left 2.’Where are Tom and Pauline?’ ‘ They ……. to the supermarket.’. A have just gone B has been going C go 3. ’What is Jill doing these days?’ ‘She …… for a job for six months.’ A is looking B has been looking C looks 4. ’Is Mandy watching TV?’ ‘No. She …… her homework right now.’ A is always doing B is doing C does 5. ’Have you been for a walk?’ ‘Yes. I often …… for walks in the evening.’ A have gone B am going C go 6. ’Have you seen any films lately?’ ‘Yes. Actually I …… two this week.’ A have seen B am seeing C see 7. ’What……?’ ‘It’s a piece of cherry pie. Mum made it yesterday.’ A are you eating B do you eat C have you eaten 8. ’Are you going on holiday this summer?’ ‘Yes. I ……. enough money.’ A am saving B have already saved C save 9. ’Is Todd reading the newspaper?’ ‘No. He …….. dinner at the moment.’ A has been making B makes C is making 10. ‘Have you bought any new CDs recently?’ ‘Yes. Actually I …… two this week.’ A have bought B have been buying C am buying

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Informal Email Messages

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Задание Complete each sentence in perorted speech. Example Be careful! The waterscold. - The coach warnet us to be careful. 1) Dont leave your keys. - My mother reminded me... 2) Win the game! - Our fans asked us... 3) Answer the phone call! - She ordered him... 4) Dont speek so loudly - The woman told her children...

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