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Выпарили 1 кг раствора с массовой долей соли 15%. сколько сухой соли осталось?

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хотябы напишите номер 55. Choose just one word from the five words that is closest in meaning to the word in capitals. MODERATION1) reticence 2) equanimity 3) humility 4) care 5) delicacyЗадание 2. Match the names 1–12 with the sentences 9–20 they occur in.9.By …! Those two girls must be twins!10. I never want to see you again! Hit the road, …!11. The detective is trying to determine who the victim is. For now, she’s just … .12. That guy said that I owe him money. I don’t know him from ….13. Every … in Hollywood thinks he’s going to be a movie star.14. I need you to put your … at the bottom of this contract.15. You should see Rachel’s new boyfriend. He’s a ….16. You’d better be good because … will be here tomorrow.17. Mike never gives donations to charities. He’s such a …!18. My sister called the police because she saw a … outside her window!19. It’s shocking how much money … takes out of my paycheck each week!20. Tiffany used her credit card to pay off the debt to her mother. All she did was …!1) Uncle Sam2) Joe Blow3) Saint Nick4) John Hancock5) Adam6) Jack7) Peeping Tom8) Scrooge9) Don Juan10) George11) rob Peter to pay Paul12) JaneDoe

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сколько г хлорида калия образуется при выпаривании 150г 5%-ого растворарешите плиз


ответь на 2 вопрсакак найти окончание и основу слова?назовите морфемы, из которых может состоять основа слова?

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Раскройте содержание(перечислите основные признаки)Понятий Клавиатура,Редактирование текста,Операционная система.


в кратной и полной ионной форме след. уравнения: 1) NaOH + H2SO4 = Na2SO4 + H2O 2) H2SO4 + Ca3(PO4)2 = CaSO4 + H3PO4


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